Leadership Covenant

Love God. Connect People. Transform the World.


  • warm fellowship
  • enduring discipleship that takes place in community.
  • authentic worship
  • generous ministry, and
  • relational evangelism (people are the mission).

OUR CORE Commitments:

  • God – He is our number One. He gets the glory. Not us.
  • Walk in the Spirit – There will be greater faith and greater prayers because of this walk, refusing to indulge our old nature.
  • Team – We are all in this together. We run to our problems, challenges, and our opportunities.
  • Passion – Our passion to serve others demonstrates our leadership.
  • Gratitude – We are thankful … and our gratitude drives our actions. Our gratitude drives us to go the extra mile in our efforts and inspires us to give sacrificially.
  • Vision – We are leaders among leaders. We refuse to accept the status quo. We have the vision of what can be.
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