Every couple has a story. Whether a couple is newly married or have been together for what seems like forever, marriages and lives are changing here at NDWC. Some of us may look like we have it all together…perfect marriages, perfect children, perfect homes…the truth is, most of us don’t. Most of us face troubles, heartaches, disappointments, and difficult seasons in our marriages, but God has delivered us or is delivering us in the midst of our tough times! He is working in our hearts, our marriages, and families. He is working, not only for our good, but so that we can share hope and strengthen others. Come to one of our married gatherings, connect with other couples, share your worries, share your triumphs… see Him work in the life of your marriage and family.

We’re here to encourage your marriage in a godly direction. There are a number of marriage building ministries available to help strengthen your marriage. For more information about the Married Couples Ministry, please or call 727-738-1656.

Looking for help to work through a marriage issue?

We have resources and counseling available. Additionally, you can contact our pastoral staff for further help. To schedule an appointment please contact the pastoral staff at 727-738-1656, option 3.

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