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No matter who you are or where you have been you are welcome here. 

At New Destiny Worship Center, you will be warmly welcomed into an environment by people that love Jesus and love you. We want you to know that you matter to God and you matter to us.  

If you are going to check out our 11am worship service, here is what you can expect. 

  • Our 11am worship service is approximately 90 minutes. 
  • Come as you are. 
  • You’ll hear practical, inspirational, and challenging messages from the Bible
  • Passionate and authentic worship music
  • Fun teaching for your kids in a safe and nurturing environment 
  • Grow

    Life isn’t mean to be lived alone. Connect with others through small groups, ministries, events, and more.

    Have you always wanted to continue growing in your faith, learn more about the Bible, and increase confidence that you are following God’s plan for your life? Then, our iLevel classes are designed just for you.

    The Level track of classes is an avenue where adults – married or single, male or female, young or mature – can begin or continue to deepen their personal relationship with Christ. It’s a great place to get started at New Destiny Worship Center.

    LEVEL courses are generally offered in four-week easy-to-complete modules. Whether you are exploring the faith, are a new believer, or have been in the church for years, there is a starting place for you. Level courses are designed for three levels of increasing spiritual maturity.

    Level Classes

    Level 1

    If you are interested in making New Destiny Worship Center your church home, this is your next step. In this exciting class you’ll discover the beliefs, strategy, structure and vision that serve as the foundation of New Destiny Worship Center. At the end of the class you will be given the opportunity to join the New Destiny family.

    You were designed to be part of a church family and we hope New Destiny Worship Center can be that place for you.

    For questions, contact  us at

    Level 2
    Level 2 will help you develop the habits you need to jump-start your spiritual growth. It will give you an overview of basic spiritual habits every Christian will need in order to grow in their relationship with Christ and with others.

    For questions, contact  us at

    Level 3
    God did not design ministry for just a few with seminary degrees. At New Destiny Worship Center, we believe that every member of our church is a minister.

    As a follower of Christ, you are given special abilities, known as Spiritual Gifts. God has given you these gifts for you to use to build up His Church. God has also given you passions for particular activities and subjects.

    In Level 3, you will be shown how to assess your abilities, gifts and passions to find the ministry that is right for you.

    For questions, contact  us at

    Level 4
    It all starts with the heart.  When Jesus comes into your life, He transforms you from the inside out, and as a result you become more like Him.  In Level 4 we search our hearts, we examine our motives, we challenge our old habits and thought processes, bringing them all into alignment with God’s word.

    The result is a change that not only affects our inward man, but our outward man as well.  Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at our hearts – so both inward and outward holiness is required if we are going to please God and represent him well on the earth.  Throughout scripture, God has always qualified those whom He has called.  In this class, we see the qualifications for ministry that the Bible sets forth for us today.

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    New Destiny Worship Center doesn’t just happen week to week, it’s built and carried every day, by everyday people; People who give of their time, talent and energy to make church great for others. Whether it’s sweeping or singing, on Sunday or midweek, volunteering is a fantastic way to forge new friendships while learning new skills or strengthening already established ones.

    With so much vision and the greater Pinellas county to reach, we’ve got a lot to do and we need your help! Let’s GO!

    Weekend Team

    Whether it’s helping guests find a parking spot, holding an infant, running a camera or anything in between, our Weekend Team makes it happen. Become a part of what God is doing through weekend services at NDWC (a background check is needed prior to serving in certain ministries).

    Weekday Team

    If you enjoy behind-the-scenes roles, this is the perfect fit for you. Weekday Team opportunities are during the week at the church, helping staff with administrative tasks, food preparation, and various projects as they arise (a is needed prior to serving in certain ministries).

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