Pastoral Leadership

Anthony and Kim Ballestero

Lead Pastor

“We believe in the power of generosity and what it can accomplish. We’ve learned that once something leaves your hand, doesn’t mean that it leaves your life.

When you experience New Destiny Worship Center, we will PRESENT TO you the only thing that can give you a new destiny – that is Jesus Christ.

Akil And Sarah Thompson

Associate Pastor

“There is no place we’d rather be than immersed in the work of the Lord! We are passionate about the Kingdom of God!

In spite of being borderline workaholics for the Lord, we are strongly committed to unity, peace and joy in our relationships, our marriage, and with our children. Family first forever!

We believe the fulfilled life really is all wrapped up in loving God, living by His word, loving people, and living a character-driven life; remembering that God is sovereign and his agenda is always better than ours!”

Elijah And Ebony McGill

Youth Pastor

“Rules without relationship equals rebellion” that’s why we firmly believe in and have committed our purpose to lead young people into a healthy relationship with God and with one another.

It’s not hard for young people to follow Christ once they come to know His goodness, mercy and unfailing love!

This generation must not simply believe in Jesus Christ, they must know Him in a personal way that will bring about His ultimate purpose for their unique lives.

The future is bright because of young people who have committed their hearts and lives to God!”

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