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“We believe in the power of generosity and what it can accomplish. We’ve learned that once something leaves your hand, it doesn’t mean that it leaves your life.”

"For where your heart is, there will your treasure also be."
Matthew 6:21

Together we can make a difference!  We appreciate your support!

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Venmo:  @NewDestiny-WorshipCenter



Text to Give:  727-205-8738 

Ministry Specific Giving Opportunities

Rise Up and Build

Now more than ever, we are called upon to make a difference.  New Destiny Worship Center is a place where you can go to worship, heal and draw closer to God.  It’s a place for fellowship and fun.  It’s a safe place for you to bring your family and friends in a loving environment.  We have an amazing family of people here at NDWC, encompassing all nationalities, cultures and walks of life.  

We are endeavoring to build a new sanctuary as our family is growing.  If you would like to be a part of this vision, called ‘Rise Up and Build’, please notate:  RUAB on your giving.  

Thank you for joining with us for Rise Up and Build!

Youth Ministry

New Destiny Worship Center has several programs that benefit our youth, aged 12-25.  We have the following, divided appropriately by age.  We have Jr, High 12-15, Sr High 16-18, College and Career 19-25.


There are weekly meetings as well as off campus functions that allow our youth to learn more about God, fellowship with each other and just have a great time!  Our youth group hosts lots of fundraisers in order to allow all of the youth to attend the functions that have a cost associated with them.  

We also give in places where we see a need.  We teach our youth to give of their time, talent and treasure, and we put our hands to work!  

We would love for you to  join us and support the Youth Ministry.  


Please notate:  Youth Ministry on your giving.  Thank you for caring! 

Children's Ministry Aged 4-12

We have a dynamic kid's program here at New Destiny Worship Center.  At NDWC, we believe in children, and their importance to us, and in the Kingdom of God.  Our children are involved in many activities both on and off campus. 

Your support to our children’s ministry will help us with the various costs associated with these  activities, as well as allow us to provide for children that may not be able to afford to attend the off campus adventures.   

Thank you for supporting our Kid's Ministry!

Please notate:  Kid's Ministry on your giving.

Ladies Ministry

Our ladies ministry consists of ladies from every age, ethnicity, and walks of life.  We join together for fellowship, fun and activities at various times throughout the year.  Most importantly, we learn more about God and what He has specifically for women in the Kingdom. 


We do this through on campus and off campus activities, as well as women specific teachings.  Our women support each other through good and bad, and it is important that we love each other as God loves us.  We are sisters in Christ, and New Destiny Worship Center has an awesome family of ladies! 

If you would like to support this ministry, please notate:  Ladies Ministry when giving. 


We are grateful for your support!

Men's Ministry

New Destiny Worship Center’s Men’s ministry is a bond of brothers, geared to men of all ages, ethnicities and walks of life.  We have an important role in our families, and also in the family of God.  Our men get together throughout the year for teachings and off campus activities.  We are brothers in Christ, and treat each other with love and respect.  We are all important, and God has a purpose for each of us. 


 If you would like to support this ministry, please notate:  Men’s Ministry when giving. 


We appreciate your support!

Radio NDMG

Radio NDMG is designed to inform and inspire our listeners through music and programming.  Our music programming includes everything from Gospel to Classical and Jazz. Our talk shows and educational programs cover a vast spectrum of topics such as theology, faith, business, finance, health and entrepreneurship.

We created this platform so that we may be an uplifting presence in the world today. We hope you will find our music to be encouraging, and our talk shows and programs insightful and helpful to you.   We appreciate our listeners! 


If you would like to support this mission, please notate:  Radio NDMG on your giving.

Bible Quizzing

Bible quizzing is an amazing ministry in which the youth memorize and apply the Word of God, most importantly, in their hearts and lives.  During a portion of the year, they attend friendly competitions with other Bible quizzers.  This is a great way for the youth to help each other learn and memorize scripture.  As with any ministry, there are expenses associated with Bible quizzing. 


If you would like to donate to this ministry, please notate:  Bible quizzing on your giving.


We appreciate your support for Bible quizzers!

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