Reimbursement Request

Purpose: Financial policy can help New Destiny Worship Center avoid church conflicts by providing well-written and understandable church policies on financial matters. Finally, church financial policies help establish a clear Biblical basis in handling the financial resources God has provided New Destiny Worship Center.
    • All expenditures over $25 require approval of the appropriate ministry director, and all expenditures of $50 or more require approval of the pastor, with use of a requisition form.
    • Cash is only advanced with approval of pastor. Turn in excess cash (from fundraisers, purchases, etc.) to the business administrator no later than the next service.
    • Obtain a tax form from the business administrator. No sales tax should be paid.
    • Pay for personal items (not a church expense) separately with personal funds.
    • Turn in receipt to the business administrator to account for each purchase.

  • Ministry:

    This form is to be used for the approval of any purchase to be paid from church funds. It can be obtained from the church office during business hours. A digital version will be provided, however, if you prefer a hard copy, please request one.

    All requisitions are to be submitted to the business administrator for disbursement pending the availability of funds.

    If possible, please submit at least one week in advance.

    For Ministry Leaders Only:
  • (include date needed, church activity, items to be purchased, etc.)
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
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