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Reminder Ep 1.png

REmindER, Episode One opens up with the Topic "Make Up Your Mind." Vivian and Joanna have a conversation about the Spiritual and Practical aspects of Mental Health. Strategies, tools and critical conversions create a safe place on The ReMindER Show.

Reminder Ep 2.png

In this second episode of The ReMindER Show, Vivian and Joanna discuss the seriousness of anxiety. Strategies for dealing with anxious and negative thoughts are also discussed. Strategies, tools and critical conversions create a safe place on The ReMindER Show.

Vivian and Joanna continue their discussion from Episode 2, regarding the effects of anxiety and the importance of guarding your thoughts. Strategies, tools and critical conversions create a safe place on The ReMindER Show.

Reminder Ep 3.png

In this episode, Vivian and JoJo discuss the importance of "Reframing Your Brain" in order to combat the negative thoughts from past programming. The discussion also covers personal experiences, victory testimonies and practical tools of application to change destructive thinking patterns.

Reminder Ep 6.png

Dividend Principles

Dividend Principles Ep 1.png

In this first episode, David Saucer begins the discussion of financial literacy, financial goals and placing God first. David shares his personal stories as an entrepreneur and business owner committed to financial education.

Dividend Principles Ep 2.png

In Episode 2, David talks about "side hustles" as additional income streams, how to start the journey of saving, and what motivated Him to write His Book "The Cash Residence."

Social Security, Retirement, Taxes, and Investments are some of the topics that David tackles in this Third Episode of "The Dividend Principles."

Dividend Principles Ep 3.png

David talks about his approach in looking for investment opportunities, and the important biblical principles of stewardship and giving. He concludes the broadcast discussing "true wealth" as being much more than money alone.

Dividend Principles Ep 4.png

Call it Out

Call It Out Ep 1 Logo.png

Pastor Nick Champlin and Rob Rorie have a humorous, yet pointed discussion regarding hyper-spiritual christians, the dangers of being offended and disgruntled, churches planted by rebels, leadership accountability and stewardship principles.

Call It Out Ep 2 Logo.png

Nick Champlin and Rob Rorie discuss the dangers and distractions of mixing the Kingdom of God with politics. Jesus came to establish His Government and Kingdom. We are Ambassadors of Christ and we must be about the Father's Business.

In this humorous and transparent conversation, Nick Champlin and Rob Rorie share personal experiences of how Spiritual Pride and Self Righteousness were revealed in their lives. 

Call It Out Ep 3 Logo .png

Continuing their discussion about Spiritual Pride and Self Righteousness from Episode 3, Nick Champlin and Rob Rorie talk about the natural tendency of churches and current world culture to produce "Fault Finders" with a "Superior" Mind Set. 

Call It Out Ep 4 logo.png
Call It Out Ep 5 Logo.png

“The Suffering Sales Pitch” is a destructive, prideful, and deeply rooted concept in Christianity that emphasizes believers “paying a price” for a great anointing or “suffering” to have a powerful ministry.

Call It Out Ep 6 Logo.png


Nobody's Fool

Nobody's Fool Episode 1.png

Ben Jackson opens up the first episode of "Nobody's Fool" with Proverbs 1:5 and leads a discussion about being a "wise man" according to scripture.

Nobody's Fool Episode 2.png

Ben Jackson continues his thought provoking discussion from Episode 1 based on Proverbs 1:5. The discussion leads into the importance of listening and learning.

Made for Moms

Made For Moms Episode 1.png

In this first episode of "Made for Moms" Emmy and Jasmine discuss the challenges they faced when their first child was born and their battle with expectations from without and within. The topics of battling their kid's boredom and raising thankful children are also discussed.

Made For Moms Episode 2.png

In this second episode of "Made For Moms" Emmy and Jasmine discuss the importance of establishing a routine and order in the home. Humorous and insightful tips for traveling with young children are discussed as well.

Unbelief Detox

Unbelief Detox Ep 1.png

The "Poison of Performance" breeds Unbelief in our lives, by distracting us from the Finished Work of Jesus. Rob Rorie explains Matthew 17:21 "Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting" in context. From there, Rob debunks the false teaching that states, "certain devils can only be cast out when we fast" and "certain miracles ONLY happen when we fast." The conclusion of the matter is this: We will either trust in our sacrifice, OR we will trust in the All Sufficient Sacrifice of Jesus. 

Unbelief Detox Ep 2.png


Raising the Question Season 1

RTQ Episode 1.png

Rob Rorie discusses Mark 9:23 "All Things Are Possible" and the importance of what you believe.

RTQ Episode 2.png

In a world with so much negative news and social media saturation, believers must hold to the Word of God as the only reliable source.

The believer's liberating position of "no condemnation" in Christ.

RTQ Episode 3.png

The Blood of Jesus has provided divine health for our bodies. Our immune system and defense is the Word of God and the Blood of Jesus.

RTQ Episode 4.png
RTQ Episode 6.png

Rob Rorie talks about Colossians 2:10 and the powerful truth that believers are complete in Christ, lacking nothing.

RTQ Episode 7.png

Mark 16:15-18 is the starting point for Rob Rorie's discussion about the Believer's Authority and what they have access to, through Christ.

Jesus said that our words can either condemn us or justify us. Believers must carefully guard the words of their mouth.

RTQ Episode 8.png

God wants you to be confident in what He has done for you, and what He desires to do through you! 

RTQ Episode 9.png

Raising the Question Season 2

Raising the Question Season 2 Ep 1.png

Season 2 of "Raising The Question" opens with Rob Rorie and Nick Champlin referencing 1 John 5:14-15. The discussion reveals powerful faith principles of praying the Word of God and the importance of having Faith Conversations with God. Even death cannot stop a believer who has the Eternal Word and Eternal Life of God living inside of them!

Raising the Question Season 2 Ep 2.png


5 Minute Pharisee

5 Min Pharisee Ep 1.png

In this Original Comedy Show, Mr. Finicky launches the First Episode of The 5 Minute Pharisee with his Self Righteous Concepts of Fasting. The Narrator sets him straight, using the teachings of Jesus.

5 Min Pharisee Ep 2.png

In this Original Comedy Show, Mr. Finicky arrives on Episode 2 with a Megaphone in hand, and begins to teach the concept “Pray Louder. Pray Prouder.” Finicky’s misguided teachings and self-righteousness is once again confronted by the Narrator.

The Turnaround

The Turn Around Ep 1.png

Part 1 of Michael Kennedy's miraculous testimony.

The Turn Around Ep 2.png

Part 2 of Michael Kennedy's miraculous testimony.

This third episode features the amazing testimony of Dwayne Giles and how God delivered him from Drug and Alcohol Addiction.  

The Turn Around Ep 3.png

Richard Maron shares his miraculous testimony of God's Grace and Deliverance on this episode of The Turn Around Show.

The Turn Around Ep 4.png

Word of Life Bible Study

WOL Ep 1.png

Can we trust the Bible? How has it been passed down? How was it copied? How do we know it hasn't been tampered with? Join Kim Dietmeyer to answer these questions, and learn how we can trust the Bible and it's integrity.

WOL Ep 2.png

This lesson is an introduction to the Old Testament. Join us as Kim Dietmeyer covers dispensations, why they are important, the books of the Old Testament, from Adam and Eve, all the way up to Abraham.

This Bible study with Kim Dietmeyer covers the origin of languages, and the beginning of nations.

WOL Ep 3.png

This Bible study with Kim Dietmeyer covers the origin of languages, and the beginning of nations.

WOL Ep 4.png
WOL Ep 5.png


WOL Ep 6.png

Part 2 of the Bible’s story of Joseph continues through the years in Egypt, and the Exodus of Israel, when they left Egypt after being provided for during the famine.

Continuing in the Old Testament, Kim Dietmeyer covers the divided kingdom, Israel taken into captivity, and the scattered tribes.

WOL Ep 7.png

In lesson 8, Kim Dietmeyer covers an introduction to the New Testament. This includes the Gospels, the history of the church,  Paul’s letters, and the miracles of Christ.

WOL Ep 8.png
WOL Ep 9.png

Continuing from Lesson 8 with the miracles of Christ and the birth of Jesus, with Kim Dietmeyer.

WOL Ep 10.png

Kim Dietmeyer covers the crucifixion of Christ and the events leading up to it.

This lesson with Kim Dietmeyer discusses the plan of salvation and who Jesus is.

WOL Ep 11.png

This lesson completes the study of the New Testament church, with Kim Dietmeyer.

WOL Ep 12.png
WOL Ep 13.png

Kim Dietmeyer discusses End Time prophecy, and how God gave prophecy.

WOL Ep 14.png

In Lesson 14, Kim Dietmeyer continues with End Time prophecy and what it means.

Lesson 15 covers the Times of the Gentiles, the History and Prophecy, with Kim Dietmeyer.

WOL Ep 15.png

In this lesson, Kim Dietmeyer discusses what the Bible says about the Second Coming of Christ.

WOL Ep 16.png

The Case For Grace

Case for Grace Episode 1.png

Carson Rorie, Nick Champlin and Rob Rorie have an inspiring and insightful discussion about the Grace of God.

Case for Grace Episode 2.png


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